Technology Summary

The theme of the development of nanotechnology in energy application technology is geared toward two main directions, “Nanomaterials for Energy Storage” and “Nanotechnology for Energy Saving”. Owing to the advantages of high reactivity, large surface area (200-2000 m2/g), self-assembly (1~3 nm active catalyst), super crystal characteristic (10~30nm nanostructure), and special optoelectronic effect of nanomaterials for energy saving, advanced countries are heavily engaged in the development of energy related nanomaterials. It is expected to develop the power storage system with higher energy density than current battery by at least several times. Due to small dimension (5-20nm) and high specific surface area and special optical property of nanomaterials, nanotechnology for energy saving is expected to increase in the contact area of the medium, shortening response time, and improving thermal conductivity by a factor of two.

Current Status

Micro Fuel Cell: develop catalytic nanoparticles for electrode (1~3nm), proton conductive nanocomposite membrane (1~5nm channel), simulation and computation, and system miniaturization design.

High Efficiency Energy Storage Device: develops high-energy density lithium battery and high power nanostructured materials for energy storage and devices (250 wh/kg).
Photochemical Energy Conversion System: develop products related to battery raw materials, battery module system, and nanomaterials for energy saving, and applications to power supply system.

Nano Heat Transfer Technology: establish measurement equipments, data simulation technology, nanofluid property databank and design technology for micro heat exchange system.
Nanocrystal Application Technology: establish preparation technology for porous nanostructured electrode, oxidation and reduction chromophore, and dye molecule design technology for solar energy.

Accomplishments / Industry Impact

Energy Storage: nanostructured material for lithium battery electrode

Energy Saving: high energy saving capacitor