Technology Summary

The goal is to establish nano-terabyte storage technology. Technical breakthrough for current DVD (4.7GB) and HD-DVD (20-25GB) enables the capacity to reach 100 GB~1000 GB. The major principle is to achieve storage capacity up to 1 terabyte by using near-field optics and fine aperture (50nm) to generate writable optical spot (<100nm). In addition, the goal is attained by developing nanoprobe field, which can generate electron beam for writing technology. To fulfill the objective in nanoscale recording technology, it has to develop the optical disk technology like nano scale optical-writing magnetic-reading and Super-RENS, and servo control technology and weak signal detection etc.

Current Status

Currently, based on the established R&D capability for the key parts and modules of DVD the development of HD-DVD core technology is under way. Sub-Terabyte/Terabyte R&D is also beginning to be carried out, which includes nanoscale optical head technology, nanoprobe and actuator technology, nanolithography, nanotechnology for optical storage media, and nanoscale servo control technology etc.

Accomplishments / Industry Impact

Nanoscale Optical Head Technology: establish micro aperture near field optic SIL object lens technology and microprocessing technology for nanoscale precision bearing, and assisting the industry in nanoscale optical head development.

Nanoprobe and Actuator Technology: help domestic industry in the product development and applications for carbon nanotube.

Nanolithography technology: accomplish the storage capacity up to 20 25GB/layer using HD-DVD master plate lithography technology. Help the local industry to develop the next generation optical disk.

Nanotechnology for optical storage media: assist the industry to establish the production technology of opto-magnetic recording disks with multiple layer structure.

Nano Precision Servo Control Technology: accomplish the development of super high density recording system which reads laser power control circuit and super high density recording test disk. Help the domestic industry in establishing the capability in the integration of super high density recording system.