Technology Summary

Faster responses, lower energy consumption, and smaller devices are always the common goal for international development of IC industry. The industry is facing a great challenge in searching for new materials, new structure and new manufacturing technology for ever demand in smaller line width, and new high K low K dielectric materials. Furthermore, new devices such as: spintronics, quantum devices, carbon nanotube devices, etc. are under intensive research and development worldwide.

Current Status

Spintronic Devices and Process Technology: In addition to establishing the technology to grow large area magnetic thin film, the R&D for magnetic memory device and CMOS integrative technology, read/write mechanism verification for magnetic RAM, design and development for room temperature materials and high filling efficiency spintronic transistor devices are underway.

New Dielectric Materials: developing high dielectric materials to replace traditional silicon dioxide (SiO2) for the purpose of eliminating leakage current problems in nanoscale transistor.

Carbon Nanotubes: the characteristics of carbon nanotubes like small size, high density of conductive current and high heat conductivity are utilized to develop single electron transistor (SET) and logic devices.

Quantum Devices: Develop the single electron transistor (SET) operatable at room temperature and the manufacturing process technology.