Technology Summary

Economic vitalities of Taiwan are achieved by close association and integration of local industries to efficiently produce various products, and such economic vitalities is also the origin of fast economic development in Taiwan. The emerging of nanotechnology is expected to revitalize the traditional industries, and will create new revenues and new market. Nanotechnology requires integration of a varieties of disciplines such as : chemistry, physics, mechanics, materials, electronic and measurement technologies. From the standpoint of application, the near term impact is expected to be in traditional industries. In the long run, the major impact will come from the forefront nanotechnologies, which enables orders of magnitude breakthroughs in the performance of the products. Within the next few years ITRI will focus on the application of nanotechnology to create novel products by combining nanotechnology with the existing domain knowledge in traditional industries, therefore, will enhance the competitiveness of traditional industries.

Current Status

ITRI will prioritize those nanotechnologies, which can be commercialized in less than 3years, and will establish the mechanism for innovative and pioneering researches for the traditional industries. The following key technologies belong to this category:

Nanoparticle technology: organometallic precursor, Sol-Gel redox reaction, oxygen-solid nanoparticle technology.
Nano polymers: chemical/molecular self-organization.
Nano bulk materials/composites/porous materials: nano crystalline phase, organic-inorganic hybrid stabilized template control.
Applied technologies for nano functions: dielectrics, conductivity, low activation energy, fireproof, UV absorption, far infrared, oil-proof, waterproof and light adjustment.

Accomplishments / Industry Impact

Survey of the commercial opportunities and needs for traditional industries will be performed. Based on the existing Market Data Bank to select core products/technologies for research and development, the domain knowledge of which can be easily combined with nanotechnology applications to have faster commercial outcome and also bigger industrial impact. A series of conferences and forums will be organized to explore the commercial opportunities for nanotechnology applications, and to have dialogue with the industries and academia in order to shed some light on the applied researches of nanotechnology and to assure incessant input/output mechanisms.
ITRI will initiate industrial participations in the development of core nanotechnology, and will promote the product commercialization by private enterprises through funding and incentives offered by the government.



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