Technology Summary

Nanotechnology is to explore, to manipulate and to apply unique phenomena arised from nanometer scale at atomic, molecular or supramolecular level. The key issues to the success in applications of nanotechnology rely on the manufacturability of nanoscale materials with unique properties. The development of fabrication processes that are manufacturable is essential to the industrialization of nanomaterials. It is expected that nanotechnology will have a fundamental change in manufacturing industry. Hence, the emerging of nanotechnology on one hand facilitates the creation of novel interactive, sensitive, multifunctional and intelligent materials, on the other hand nanomaterials offers new opportunities for sustainable development.

Current Status

Research and development of platform technology is focused on the syntheses and characterizations of nanomaterials with 0 up to 3 dimension, and their fabrication processes and application technologies through basic studies on the surface effect and the quantum effect arising from nanometer scale.

Nano powder: nanoparticles of metal/compound, nanopolymers powder and carbon nanocapsules.

Nanotemplates: developing highly uniformly distributed nanotemplates, 1D nanomaterials, multi-component nanomaterial templates, precision block copolymer, polymers and carbon templates.

Self-assembly nanostructure: developing ceramic substrate surface self- assembly nanomaterials, self-assembly electrode materials with nanocatalyst, self-assembly of photonic crystals, self-assembly polymers and supramolecules.

Nanocomposites: developing nanopore composite materials, synthesis of polymeric optical display substrate material, nanostructural surface components, polymer and clay organic-inorganic nanocomposites, embedding and filling technologies.

Nanostructural characteristics and process simulation technologies: establishing simulation technologies for nanoparticles of metal/compound, quantum effects and formation of carbon nanotubes, and nanofilm coating and heat treatment, etc..

Accomplishments / Industry Impact

Planning of nanostructure simulation technology including simulations of processes and characteristics.

Organic template development: developing organic templates, and simultaneously establishing integration technology, and application related specifications and technologies.

The development and application of core technologies in nanomaterials and process will bring new opportunities in creation of novel materials with lower price, and better functionality and manufacturability.